We specialise in the following diseases:

1. Mental and neurological diseases (incl. pain)
Depression, anxiety, compulsion disorders and addictions (in particular alcohol and nicotine dependencies), sexual disorders, pain (e.g. migraines, neuropathic and other types of pain)

2. Diseases of the joints, muscles and bones
Non-rheumatoid osteoarthritis (peripheral and vertebral), fibromyalgia

3. Cardiovascular diseases
Arterial hypertension

4. Metabolic disorders and diseases of key hormone systems
High blood lipid levels (e.g. cholesterol), overweight, diabetes mellitus (including Type I)

5. Disorders of the respiratory organs
COPD (smoker’s bronchitis)

6. Diseases caused by infections and allergies as well as vaccine indications
Flu, herpes zoster

7. Skin diseases
Eczema, psoriasis vulgaris, atopic dermatitis, mycoses (e.g. nail fungus) etc.