Study conduct

The studies we carry out primarily involve comparison of a new active substance with a product available in pharmacies, assessing for improved efficacy and tolerability.

In some cases, a patient may receive a product with no active ingredient in it as a part of the study; this provides an opportunity to objectively compare the effect of a substance. The patient is carefully monitored by a medical professional and, if necessary, receives concomitant medication to protect his or her health.

All study trials are carried out by professional staff with specific qualifications and extensive experience in the field of medical research; the staff work with modern medical equipment.

Depending on the nature of the study, blood and urine analyses, ECGs, 24-hour blood pressure measurements and various other basic physical examinations are involved. We have particularly specialised in psychiatric and neurological test procedures as well pain assessments (questionnaires, diary, etc.)

When participating in short-term (around 8 weeks) or long-term (at least 1 year) studies, the patient also benefits from no-charge intensive examinations under medical supervision by a specialist or care in the Institute. Throughout the course of the trials, a patient may also continue to be a patient of the doctor who had been treating him or her previously.