Patient clientele

Many patients are interested in a new and improved treatment option for their disease. This is possible with Intermed, as we are able to offer suitable approval registration trials. In contrast, regular visits to a family doctor or specialist offer patients the expectation of short-term treatment success and typically these patients are not interested in participating in placebo-controlled studies, for example.

At Intermed, patients come to us of their own motivation, for example via the internet or a newspaper advertisement; this means they are interested in participating in a study and thus reliable.

In general, such patients are also keenly interested in furthering the development of drug products and in scientific progress; they value a gain in drug quality and safety.

Conventional clinics and doctor’s offices face the challenge of having to approach patients (mostly study disinterested) themselves, so that typically they are not able to achieve very high numbers of cases. For this reason, conventional clinics and doctor’s offices generally carry out few or no drug studies at all.
In a research institute, the particular reliability of the patients (especially in placebo-controlled studies) generally results in better quality studies.